Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier.Zooey Deschanel

Warning:  If you want to read a story and not my sentiments, read SIARGAO: A SUMMER LOVE STORY

My friend and I have decided to join a travel tour for a weekend get away going to Siargao to make life easier especially transportation and accommodation. But we were told to “manage our expectation” since we will be travelling by group. Actually I did not even come to the point of expecting something but unfortunately, it turned out that I almost lost my temper because I cannot manage my NON-expectation. (I hope you understand my point.

The decision of going to Siargao is to be with my gypsy self: free of worries and all. I have many things going on in my life that I feel suffocated I cannot make plans ahead of time. I am in the verge of agony in waiting in vain or not. I am waiting for the judgment day to come. But it hasn’t come yet. So might as well, go on a short trip.

For a long time, my PATIENCE was tested. And I never thought that going away on a weekend, it will teach me the same lesson: PATIENCE is a VIRTUE. Not to mention my Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) which is very annoying I want to kill someone. (haha). And on the 2nd day, I had my red tide. What a wonderful weekend.

Despite all that I have mentioned, a part of me was happy because of the long travel that I got to think, the long boat rides that I got to enjoy the waves and appreciate the clouds and because after a year, I was able to write a summer (love) story again.

I am always bias with beach and so it goes that SIARGAO is beautiful (but not wonderful). Clear waters are always ready to amaze me and was so inviting, I almost jump at Sugba Lagoon. Almost because I never got the courage to jump and fall and no one was there to catch me. Never again. Hahah. It was the first time I wasn’t game for an adventure for reasons that the place was so crowded, people were cheering on whoever tries to jump and I think I cannot manage to swim for my life without the life vest. (But there were life vests for rent, take note on that).

Sharing some of my photos posted in INSTAGRAM

Magpupunco Rock Pool

My first summer with you; I was happy I met you without knowing you.

Sugba Lagoon

But I know that you will never catch me; what’s the purpose of falling?


Breakfast at SHAKA

Daku Island

Wait for me and we’ll be together soon.

Naked Island

I do not want to catch you looking at me too.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Sun-kissed for a summer finder.






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