This is for the poems I threw away for yesterday.

Another book of poetry written for someone; inspired by that someone and of course, boredom.

I hope you enjoy reading without bias and prejudice. 🙂

click HERE to read The Tales of King Arthur 🙂

And oh, its all “water under the bridge now.”


      1. 5 pens out of 5 pens

        “the pen is mightier that the sword”
        And so, she who pulled the pen from the stone
        is mightier than he who pulled the sword.
        for that i’d say that the words contained in this book are even more magical than excalibur itself.

        some of my favorites:

        “… How can I think of you
        When you didn’t give me
        So much to remember …”

        I look at the stars
        I still think
        Of you.
        Of us.
        What Ifs.
        What could have beens.”

        “I am the lady of the lake
        An enchantress who uses
        The magic of the words
        I have given King Arthur a sword—
        An Excalibur
        That cuts deep to the core”

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