F4’s Meteor Garden: 2020 Reunion

I gave my first love to F4.

Before BTS came into my life, F4 happened to me and to everyone. The Meteor Garden’s F4 who made a significant impact to everyone especially during my elementary days.

Its quite blurry but Im glad I can recall images of me in the past going to my friend’s house to watch F4 especially when we hear the opening song of the drama. It was asian novela then in general. We were already running so we cannot miss the first scenes. I also remember going home early so as not to miss 1 episode. I still find myself cute while collecting the wallet cards with photographs of them. I even had posters of them in my room. F4 was the youth for everyone but it was still my childhood.

My bias was Vanness Wu with that very straight hair. I only adored Jerry Yan on Hot Shot drama and fell in love with Jerry in the “Loving, Never Forgetting” cdrama. This F4 will always be everyone’s most loved F4 before Boys over Flowers, which is also exceptional.

During HS, I collected magazines and songbooks which contained their songs. I memorized it before. I can only hum the songs now. Hahaha

Before, I would only read news of their reunion on weddings or other shows. This time, I witnessed them realtime. Thanks to the link my dearest friend sent me.

I cant contain my happiness. I can’t help but teary eyed. Seeing the four (4) of them (despite CGI, which is not that obvious on screen), was HAPPINESS!!!! There goes my childhood, my F4 loves!!! Awwwwww 😭😭😭❣️Im literally crying tears of joy!!!

F4 EVER!!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍

Sorry for my exaggerated cheers on the sideline! 🤣 can’t help it. F4 is F4!!

*CTTO to the owner of the pic

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