01 Dec 2020

For a while, we felt that time stood still but days passed by us, turned into weeks, months, and soon a year, of hoping and praying for things to get better.

Im not sure if “finally” is the appropriate word to use but I’ll use it anyway. Finally we arrive on the first day of December. Still alive (barely breathing) but still alive. Im sure everyone’s been trying on their own, struggling to tame their own demons (whatever they may be), fighting battles, healing scars of the past and present, getting up to work, find work and just LIVE.

While there are a lot of learnings from the situation we are in, in my own perspective, I think LIVING is the first. I mean the importance of life or what matters most. This will be the time (someday) that when we look back we would realize how a year can drastically change a person, or even the world. And that change for the better is very important too.

Life is not easy especially these days. I, myself is always fighting a battle I cannot win because it is against myself. But Im always trying, to be a better version of myself (if not the best), to know my worth and spread kindness in my own simple ways.

Being kind, practicing kindness is also a struggle but Im sure we’ll get there. We can do it! The world is a much much better place when everyone is kind to one another.

May this month, this christmas season, these trying times, we will be able to be kind to one another but most especially, to not forget ourself. Let us start within and be kind to ourselves.

Stay safe. x

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