Happy *Spring Equinox *

I haven’t written here for a long time except for the birthday letter I’ve made for my friend. Even at this moment, I’m not quite sure if I would publish this or even finish this. Actually, I have many things to talk/write about and I just remembered I used to write a lot about the things I think of or what worries me, to prevent overthinking.

When the new year started in January, then came February, and now March, I’m so proud that I have devoted myself a time in the morning to read The Daily Stoic and journal some of my thoughts. I will not elaborate more since I would need to write a separate blog about it. I’ve read wonderful books too. I’m actually amazed how I’ve grown my reading skills and the books I read too. Of course, some things never change. I still love Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom never fails to be in touch with my emotions. Then kdrama too. I bet, life without Kdrama is really tough. I would never survive in a foreign land without it. I also want to write a separate entry for the kdrama that I watched recently. So now, I have two pending blogs.

Work, as always is hectic. We work everyday. It is really exhausting. Thank God for curfew that we get to go home early (but still working at home). So yeap, I never like to write about my work. LOL

I feel different these days and I was a bit afraid if things would be the same last year. I would not want to say: “Hello darkness, my old friend.” I feel that if I’m not reading the The Daily Stoic journal, it would be hello to that old friend. Sometimes, I still struggle especially at night. Its pretty normal, not wanting to get up and just sleep for the whole day but you know, every time I wake up and pray, I manage to live again. I guess, this is me, living. I practice personal meditation aside from my daily prayers. It’s not very strict. I just, let’s say, manage to have a breathing space, do a reset button every day or every other day. Sometimes, my demons still catch up with me, it will be a lifelong process- taming my demons. But really, I’m proud. I’m getting better everyday. I am getting by, at least.

There were other worries too that it caught up even in my dreams. I was so overwhelmed with overthinking and overfeeling plus the over fatigue that we cannot eliminate.

Lately, I don’t want to keep in touch a lot, even with the “few” of my friends. Must be the exhaustion. I am so moody. I am always moody though. Of course, I know since this is my feeling, it will come to pass, maybe tomorrow or the next day. Life, is like that too.

And now, finally, Spring Equinox is here! The start of the new astrological year. It’s New Year again. I’m quite inspired not with anyone but myself. So you see, I’ve manage to write until here so I might publish it.

I don’t know but I’m always happy with Aries Season starting! It has always been the case. I don’t have an Aries sign on my chart but as you know, Aries is kind of a soulmate to Libra. Opposites do attract!


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