MORE than FRIENDS (Kdrama)

You came like a rain shower and fever, I suffered from you for years.

When I first read the title of the kdrama, I knew I had to watch it. The first time I tried to watch, I was not in my best mood and I found it boring after 10 minutes so I stopped. Months passed, I was able to reconnect with a kdrama addict friend after a long time. She suggested that I watch it. We trust each other recommendations plus I was in the mood again. I watched it again from the start.

Then it hit me. It hit home.

MORE than FRIENDS talked about long standing unrequited love. That’s the primary reason I watched it. I know I can relate. I binge-watched it. Then it made me realize, it was not just about unrequited love. It was about LIFE. It was reality. About friends, falling in and out of love, about struggles about chasing dreams, facing consequences of choices you make and what not. Again, it was about life. I loved it, among many others that I loved too, because it was a perfect blend of everything. And though it was mellow/soft, it was not BORING like I said previously. The story, the character, the lines – the quotes, the events, the sequence and everything. Perfect ensemble!

Of course, I cried a river too! HA HA. But I learned so much especially on quotable quotes or remarkable lines such as:

  • Meaningless kindness is a crime.
  • You cut your birthday cake to separate the past and future. (past-bad days)
  • Wind blows to put through. / Wind blows to come back.
  • Diseases and feelings grow when you try to cover them up.
  • Effort won’t betray you except for a few things: when it comes to one’s feelings or sudden misfortunes. Effort won’t be able to do anything.
  • Never wait for someone to love you.
  • The downside of making an effort – when you realize its futile.
  • Looking at someone’s back is sadder.
  • Everyone shows their back fir a reason.
  • Green was actually sad. T.T
  • There’s a limit to feelings too.
  • Women don’t put up with men who make them feel lonely.
  • When someone comes in your life, you open a new world.
  • It ended because we both hold back.
  • Don’t pine over a lost cause.
  • Every moment of my life was a coincidence.
  • There is no reason in liking someone. Even if our timing is not right, I’ll only choose you.

Actually there are more remarkable lines that I fail to take note but it was etched on my heart. Forever leaving imprint, of sadness and happiness. MUST WATCH!


  1. I just finished this recently, too! One of the best K-drama series that I’ve watched so far. Simple lang, but yes, it offers so much insight about love and life. Plus, it didn’t hurt na cute din yung male lead. Hehe. 😉

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