Life, eh?

Im at a point in life where Im back at the crossroad.

I guess from time to time, we all come back or encounter a crossroad, turning point to evaluate the road you are in.

Some 3 years ago, I mistook the road I have taken as the road less travelled by. Im still in that road but there are many travellers. It wasn’t less travelled as I realized. And it makes me sadder. I wouldnt mind travelling the road less taken with few many people but happy.

But happiness too is not a constant thing. Its a never ending pursuit. I cannot be sure if I took a different road and I’ll be happy. We make choices. And I realized now that there is not a right or wrong choices. I have read that its not about the consequence of the choice, its living the regret of not choosing the other thing. Something like that. I hope I make sense.

I know that its not a good idea to decide when youre feeling down and Im not good with having to come up the decisions quickly. I always think thru it until I don’t get to decide anymore. Im too lazy that I let the universe decide for me. You know, going with the flow.

Lately, I’ve been suffering exhaustion from work. Im so burnt out that I cant get to think clearly what I want, or what to do with my life again. Im so burnt out that I don’t get to function well in all aspects. My emotions are catching up. My health is not doing good. Im so fed up.

Adulting. Adult-things. Surely is a TRAP.

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