I haven’t thought about what to write but I already decided I would entitle it Pointbreak. Like I’m at my breaking point. This is a make or break deal but still Im not sure. I’m always unsure and life will always be uncertain.

Just a few hours ago, a friend reminded me of my longtime dream that I am living now. Fortunately, right? But will I sound so hypocrite if I would say its unfortunately? Of course, back then it was an answered prayer. That is why giving up is not easy since I prayed for it. I worked hard for it. God granted me my prayer, my dream that has become a reality.

But I’m not happy at the moment. I wasn’t happy for the longest time that I’m living it. I tried my best. But time to time, I still find myself staring at the blank ceiling wishing I was in a different place or time or reality.

We, humans, are never contented. We always ask for more and I am not an exemption. Sadlly.

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