A Moment

What would I do today if today was my last?

I came across this question from reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It was a wonderful book full of wisdom and life’s realization, learning about yourself and others and yes, about LIFE.
I think having a review about the book would not give justice because there is so much to say but so little words to express and explain what I felt during and after reading it.

Back to the question, for a second I really don’t know what to answer. It’s been sitting on my notebook and post-it for months but I haven’t thought about it.

One day is really not enough to do the things you really want. So it would be better to know atleast a few months in advance when would be your last day. A year is already a blessing. I could live a lifetime too and the next lifetime if God permits. But we’re not here forever of course.

My lazy self would sleep the whole day or binge watch KDRAMA, or listen to classic songs.
My adventurous self would spend it climbing mountains or swimming in a beach.
My romantic self would of course spend it to the most important person in my life. I would be so thankful to spend the last day with him because in this life, I know and love him.
My writer self would be writing the most beautiful yet sad farewell letter to the world. It would be part of the history. It would be a legacy.

I know I don’t make sense on what I would really want to do. I don’t know yet. So maybe next time. So how about you?

What would you do today if today was your last?

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