About ME.


I am from God,
Creator of heaven and earth.
I’m from Catholic-Christians.

I am from the gold town of the North
from the cold breeze of December.
I am from the mountains of the South.
from horseback riding and coconut farming.
I’m from No Permanent Address.

I’m from broken homes
of throwing plates and cursed words
from growing up being independent
to being friend’s oriented.
I’m from the breadwinners.

I am from Rainbows,
Unicorns and shades of pink,
from black and white
to blue and not gray.
I’m from peach colored Tulips.

I am from all A’s,
burning the midnight oil,
from academics to curricular activities.
I am from flying colors. *shy

I am from Book Clubs,
Paulo Coelho, Sidney Sheldon, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
from writer wannabe’s;
of few love stories and a lot of romantic poetry.
I’m from Language married to Literature.

I am from WordPress,
from Instagram and Whatsapp.
I’m from Facetime and Imessage.

I am from Regatta,
of men’s classic scent, cap and tee.
I am from Coach,
of belt bags and wallet cards.
I’m from penny-pinchers.

I am from anti-histamines,
of skin asthma and break outs.
I am from pain killers,
of migraines and muscle pains.

I am from Starbucks,
Iced Caramel Macchiato, croissant and
carrot walnut cake;
of SB planners, mugs and tumblers.

I am from Mary Grace,
Seafood Pasta and Chocolate Moist.

I am from Koreatown, Gomone and Samgyupsalamat,
from Samgyup, Jeyukbokeum and Classic Soju.
I’m from “Food is Life” and “Wine Night.

I’m from the Stardust of the Universe,
Soulmates and Star-crossed;
from Astrology and Witchcraft,
I’m from birth chart readings.

I’m from BTS’ army,
from “Love Yourself to “Map of the Soul 7”
I’m from Swifties,
from “Tim McGraw” to “Folklore.”

I’m from Kdramas,
from Meteor Garden to Boys Over Flowers
I’m from tragic, romcoms, crime and medical dramas.

I am from late nights,
from conversations until dawn
to sleeping with my phone.
I am from tired mornings,
binge-watching and crying. (lol)

I am from Almost Love.
The “could-have-beens” and “what ifs”
but “never meant.”
I am from unrequited affair,
Of heartbreaks with no memories.
I’m from love addiction and stupidity.

I am from the Gypsies.
from solo travels to fun-filled
roller coaster adventures.
From mountain climbing to island hopping.
I’m from “YOLO”.

I am from spring blossoms and autumn leaves,
from fairy tales and tragic dramas
to walking a tight rope without falling off.
I am from the Universe of exploding stars.